Canis armbrusteri

Canis armbrusteri or Armbruster's Wolf is an extinct species of wolf that lived in North America from 1.8 million to 300 thousand years ago. It is thought to have possibly evolved from the Canis chiliensis in Asia. Fossils of the Canis armbrusteri have been found throughout the United States. Fossil remains were first found at Cumberland Cave in Maryland. The oldest fossils have been found in the southwestern United States, and later fossils have been found scattered across the country. One speciman of the wolf was estimated to weigh 139 pounds and another specimen was estimated to weigh 119 pounds (reasonably larger than the grey wolf of today). The Canis armbrusteri was classified in 1913 by Dr. James W. Gidley. Below is a fossilized skull of the Canis armbrusteri

Canis armbrusteri Wolf Skull

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