The Swamp Wolf

The Canis lupus gregoryi, also known as the swamp wolf, the Mississippi Valley red wolf, or gregor's red wolf, was identified as a red wolf subspecies in 1937 by Edward A. Goldman. It is believed to be the linking species between the Red Wolf and the Florida Red Wolf.

Once inhabited southwestern Indiana, southern Missouri, and eastern Oklahoma to southern Mississippi, central Louisiana, and the Big Thicket of southeast Texas.

The wolf's face was black and gray, changing to black and reddish yellow on top of its head. The upper parts from the back of the neck to the rump and tail were reddish, mixed or with black. The legs were reddish orange, becoming paler on feet, and a conspicuous black line along external surface of forearm. The ears were reddish brown, mixed with black. Its throat, lips, and chin were white. It has been described as being larger, but more slender than other red wolves, weighing on average 60 to 70 pounds.

Canis rufus gregoryi was declared extinct in the wild by 1970. Though it may be represented in captivity or the reintroduced population in North Carolina.

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